How to Create a Roadmap to Digitally Transform Your Organization through a Sales Technology Adoption Program

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Roadmap to Digitally Transform Through Sales Technology Adoption

Digitally Transform Your Organization through a Sales Technology Adoption Program

Adoption is critical to getting a return on your sales technology investment. If you don’t take a structured approach to adoption, your sales reps won’t clearly understand and see the real value in the provided solution. This will negatively impact your adoption rates.

Strong, consistent, and ongoing sales technology adoption requires a strategic, structured plan. That plan must be a simplified approach that makes sales professionals’ jobs easier and more productive. It must help them spend less time focusing on activities and more time selling. It must increase their financial incentives.

Watch our webinar to learn from a panel of industry experts how to accomplish all this.

Remember, picking the right sales technology is only half the battle. Watch today to learn how to get your stakeholders to actually use it!


  • Why transforming digitally is valuable to your sales organization, marketing department,
    and customer success team.
  • How to integrate your stakeholders into your adoption strategy.
  • How to identify your gaps with your internal stakeholders.
  • How to ensure stakeholders are aligned with your sales strategy, processes, and systems.
  • The importance of being strategic with your reps’ onboarding and everboarding training programs.

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Our Panelists

Nicolas - headshot

Nicolas de Kouchkovsky

Sales Technology Expert, Vendor Neutral

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky is the founder and principal of CaCube Consulting, an advisory and consulting firm helping B2B software companies grow. As a Fractional CMO, he covers all aspects of marketing and market development. Nicolas has extensive software experience and held diverse executive roles at companies of all sizes. He is a recognized industry expert in sales technologies and has authored a comprehensive salestech market landscape.

Thomas - headshot

Thomas Ross

Chief Revenue Officer, FunnelAmplified

Thomas Ross directly and more recently through Funnel Amplified & Social Selling HQ LLC has been helping companies grow from start up to enterprise for over 20 years. He has achieved many sales and marketing accreditations from numerous groups and associations over 3 decades. As a founding partner of Social Sales HQ, Thomas brings a wealth of direct experience in Sales, Digital Marketing & Digital Transformation. Thomas has had the opportunity to work in Europe and all areas across North America. From Start-Up to Enterprise, Thomas has developed programs for many industries and organizations all focused on the goal of growing brand recognition while driving new revenues.

Kara - headshot

Kara Mangan

Principal Consultant - Strategic Enablement Services, Highspot

Kara Mangan is a Principal Consultant in Strategic Enablement Services at Highspot. Prior to joining Highspot, Kara led Sales Enablement and Marketing teams for Fifth Third Processing Solutions, Vantiv and Worldpay / FIS. She works with companies to deliver strategic, scalable sales enablement programs that help drive consistent sales performance and results.

Alex - headshot

Alexander Low

Taking Sales Back to the Future

What do we mean by “Taking Professional Service firms Back to the Future?”. 88 mph, 1.21 GW and the flux capacitor is all you need. And a Delorean. As we all look forward and continue to understand what a mixed reality world of work means, both for ourselves, our employees and future employees.